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Vanderbilt University's commitment to institutional improvement through research-based planning and evaluation follows from its mission as a research university. The university continually reviews its objectives and operations, with the aim of improving the quality and the effectiveness of the institution. Outcomes of these activities are evident at all levels of the university -- from the institution as a whole, through colleges and schools, to individual departments and administrative units -- and demonstrate that Vanderbilt excels in its mission as a research university.

The purpose of this website is to share with the Vanderbilt community many of the principles of assessment that inform and guide these efforts. --Vanderbilt Assessment Council


This website, commissioned by the Vanderbilt Assessment Council, is designed to provide overall information about assessment at Vanderbilt as well as detailed information about the processes of:

  1. designing an assessment plan;
  2. choosing assessment methods to measure outcomes related to a plan's goals and outcomes;
  3. analyzing and reporting assessment results.

Guiding Principles for Assessment Best Practices for Assessment

IRB Approval

If you are conducting research and it involves human subjects, consult IRB regulations to determine if IRB approval is necessary.

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees research conducted on human subjects to ensure the rights, welfare, and safety of the individuals who enroll in the study are protected. At Vanderbilt, there are four IRB Committees that review health science and social/behavioral research.

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Consultation Request

Consultation requests are not available to students working on class projects. You should consult your professor for additional assistance. If you are a student developing a program assessment, you can submit a consultation request via email by clicking the Student Request Link below.

Student Request Link