Common Data Set
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The Common Data Set (CDS) represents a collaborative effort among higher education institutions and publishers of higher education material such as The College Board, Peterson's, U.S. News, and Wintergreen/Orchard House. The goal of this effort is to establish a standard set of well-defined questions to facilitate the gathering of comparable information across different colleges and universities. Vanderbilt is pleased to participate in this effort and to make our common dataset information publicly available.

The CDS information is divided ten categories:

A. General Information
B. Enrollment and Persistence
C. First-Time, First-Year(Freshmen) Admission
D. Transfer Admission
E. Academic Offerings and Policies
F. Student Life
G. Annual Expenses
H. Financial Aid
I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
J. Degrees Conferred

PIE provides public access to the most recent CDS, along with a running archive of historical reports via the selection lists at the top of this page.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at virg@vanderbilt.edu.



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