Mission Statement

Higher education is evolving in a dynamic environment where academic vision and sound strategic planning must be firmly grounded in bold thinking and reliable information. The VIRG mission is to provide data and analysis that support Vanderbilt's vision for the future.

Specifically, VIRG provides reports, dashboards, and empirically-based analysis for decision-making to University Offices through the collection, organization, analysis, and distribution of information concerning Vanderbilt and the higher education community. As part of this mission, VIRG will:

  1. Gather, study, organize and facilitate access to information obtained from internal and external sources including students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, other institutions, and external agencies.
  2. Develop data governance policies and standardize and document data definitions, ensure data integrity, and certify all data reported.
  3. Provide operational reporting, business intelligence, and data analysis for university data-driven decision support and planning.
  4. Conduct research on issues of importance to higher education and university decision making and anticipate future data needs
  5. Coordinate and certify Vanderbilt's response to reports required by the federal government, including IPEDS reports, Student Right to Know reporting, and retention and graduation rate studies.
  6. Provide information required for various consortiums and data sharing organizations, and any other special research projects in which Vanderbilt chooses to participate.
  7. Respond to external requests for information and surveys that are determined to be of value to the university.

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