VIRG Surveys

At VIRG we take our charge of protecting and providing institutional information seriously. We strive to provide useful information in a timely manner while minimizing assessment burdens on our students and faculty. Because we are an accredited and nationally recognized university, we are called upon to provide information locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We also need information to respond to changes and needs, and to continuously improve. You have chosen to affiliate with a great university. Please help us collect the information we need to remain one of the great institutions in the nation and to improve our service for generations to come.

Lastly, we know we are in a world of cyber and identity threats. Given this, we have developed this page so that anyone can view and know if a survey solicitation they have received is legitimate and has been deemed as institutionally necessary for Vanderbilt, and if they are within the audience that should be receiving the survey. If questions remain after viewing this page, please reach out to us at virg@vanderbilt.edu.

Web Survey Survey Population & Time Period of Survey Status Link
COFHE Alumni Survey All undergraduate graduates from the class of 2005, 2006 & 2007 (May – June) Open Alumni sent individual survey links
Engineering Exit Survey May School of Engineering Graduates (April - May) Open https://vanderbiltir.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_begX8Xvw8Dg8C4l
Fall Benchmark First Year Vanderbilt Visions Students (November) Open Please use link sent via email
Fall Benchmark – Next Steps Next Steps Vanderbilt Visions Students (November) Open Please use link sent via email
Graduating Student Survey All graduating undergraduates (August, December, May) Open
PhD Engagement Survey All enrolled PhD students in their 3rd semester of attendance Open https://virg.app.vanderbilt.edu/surveys/GradSurvey/Midcourse/survey.asp
PhD Exit Survey All graduating PhD students Open https://virg.app.vanderbilt.edu/surveys/GradSurvey/Exit/home.aspx
Visions – Faculty VUceptor Faculty VUceptors (November) Open Please use link sent via email
Visions – Student VUceptor Student VUceptors (November) Open Please use link sent via email
Admitted Student Questionnaire All admitted first-year students, annual (April – July) Closed
CommonVU All entering Freshmen (September) Closed
First Destination Survey Closed
First Year Experience Survey Freshmen (March - April) Closed
First Year Survey All entering undergraduate students (Every 4 years, next survey August 2018) Closed

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